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Pests like rats, lice, mice , lizards, fungus etc. have a huge adverse impact on human activities or environment. Pest control is a systematic and utmost necessary process wherein one manages to eliminate unwanted creatures like pests.

Why is Pest control required ?

Pests control has gained importance over the last few years and looking at the losses suffered by the people makes them worry so much. People has become aware of the fact that the various small but life threatening pests like rodents, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, poisonous spider and many more may have

  • serious effects on health as well as valuable property of an individual.
  • These creatures if allowed to persist consistently not only create serious health issues but property damage as well.
  • Pests damage crops as well livestock and your home as well.

Scope of the activities

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The Pest control method that will be adopted depends upon the type of pest/creature we are dealing with. There are different types of pests. It is always advisable to hire a professional pest control company rather than getting rid of them yourself. Service Bush is one of the reliable and most professionally managed pest control service companies which possess the right knowledge to eradicate these creatures completely in the most economical but effective way.

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The different pest/ creatures control services we have our expertise on are.
  • Termite Control.
  • Bed Bug control.
  • Cockroach control.
  • Rodent/Rat Control.
  • Mosquitoes/Flies Control.
  • Bees Control.
  • Wasp Control.
  • Ticks control.
  • Pigeon/Bird control.
  • Mosquito Thermal Fogging.
  • Ant control treatment.

Our Expertise

We possess ready expertise in dealing with different types of creatures/pests commonly/ rarely seen around you or your home. Our expertise lies in

  • Residential Pest Control.
  • Commercial Pest Control.
  • Industrial Pest Control.
Why Choose US

Environmental Friendly Pest Control products

Chemicals/products used by us in pest control treatment are eco friendly and child friendly to save you from an unhygienic environment.

High quality and safe Pesticides, termiticides

That can effectively control every kind of termites within a few days of application.

Innovative Pest Management Techniques adopted

Our pest control plans are tailor made to fit the specific requirement and environment of the client and implies innovation all the time for every client.

Permanent effective solution to clients

Most of our products offer a permanent solution (warranty of around five years) to our clients for the majority of the pests.

Extensive experience

We have sound knowledge of different chemicals and extensive experience of nearly a decade in offering pest control services.

Best services in the market

Service Bush is here to offer you the best services in the market for pest control plans, insulation, moisture control services for your entire home and office space.

Report and Follow Up

The distinguishing characteristic that our company offers to the clients is proper vigilance, report and follow up of the service provided at regular intervals of time.

Expert technicians and trainers

we consist of expert technicians to investigate the actual root of the pest problem.

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