What is STP Operation & Maintenance

Sewage Treatment Plant or Effluent Treatment Plant commonly known as STP/ETP are mainly used by manufacturing concerns and municipal bosies to eliminate the harmful elements from the sewage. These plants are installed to treat the toxic and hazardous as well as non hazardous chemical waste. Operation and maintenance of STP is an essential and comprehensive activity for any industrial concern. The STP once installed or commissioned needs to be operated and maintained at regular intervals of time for seamless functioning of the entire plant operations.

The work need to be handled by specially qualified & experienced team of professionals consisting of qualified operator and supervisor in order to serve efficient and effective operation of STP/ETP.

We offer a solution to our clients with the least financial and social costs and minimal environmental impact.
Scope of services

The services offered by us can be classified into two main sections.

System Operation

Maintenance of the infrastructure

We at service Bush keep a check on the operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants, to make sure that the equipment lasts longer and works even more efficiently.

We provide our clients with comprehensive as well as non comprehensive and Supervisory, Operation and Maintenance services for STP (Sewage Treatment Plants) of all kinds.


Our Scope of work includes

  • Introduction of a number of processes and unit operations namely, separation by screening, sedimentation, filtration, Neutralisation, coagulation, Flocculation, Absorption, Adsorption, Chemical Reaction, Oxidation/ Reduction, Dissolution, Ion exchange, Chlorination)
  • Operation of units such as Screens (Coarse/ Fine Bar Screens, Manual/ Mechanically operated), Sumps and pumping Stations including Pumps, Motors and Panels ( Centrifugal Horizontal, Vertical Turbine), Valves, Pipes/ Specials and Pipe Joints, Grit Removal Units, Primary Sedimentation, Settling Tanks, Scraping Mechanisms, Sludge Withdrawal, Sludge Sumps, Pumps, Sludge Thickeners, Sludge Digesters, Gas Production, Sludge Handling and Drying.
  • Maintenance of Pumps, Motors, Electricals Panels (Starters, Meter (Energy, Voltage, Amperage, Power factor), Blow of Fuses, Valves, Gates, Scraping Bridge Trolley, Aerators, Reduction Gears, Open Air weather Casings for Motors, Sprocket Wheels and Chains for mechanical Grit and Screen removing devices.
  • Predictive, Preventive and Corrective maintenance of the plant
  • Breakdown maintenance of the plant.
  • Servicing and Overhauling of treatment units.
Our Expertise

Quick Resolution/ Troubleshooting.

Lesser TAT.

Highly Experience Process Engineers.

Centralized Resources-Maintenance Team.

Trained Operating Staff.

Trainings and Audits.

Additional Man Resources.

Spares & Consumables.

Commodity & Special Chemicals.

Why Choose Us

Our professionalism and years of experience in this area is what
makes us stand out from the rest in this area


We will let you focus on your core business.

while we take complete care of management of water and wastewater. We have been handling this profession for more than a decade now.


We work with special expertise.

and different comprehensive and non comprehensive models of operation and maintenance as per the requisite of the client..


100% plant availability.

Nos shut down time of the plant is mandated. And the plant remains 100% operative.


Sound knowledge.

of various chemicals and powers.


Clients enjoy.

enhanced equipment and asset life with complete hygiene.


Ensures compliance.

with local regulations, reporting practices and environmental awareness guidelines. 5s System followed.

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